Mobile-first Adwords Extended Text Ads


Image Source: Ads and Analytics Innovations for a Mobile First World

2 weeks ago during the Google Performance Summit, Google announced significant changes to AdWords for what it is calling “a mobile-first world”. It should be noted that of the trillions of yearly search on Google, over half occur on mobile and of the millions of websites using GA, more than half of all web traffic is from mobile, counting tablets.

We live in a very different world in regards to mobile even when compared to a few years ago. People now see their smartphones not just as complements to daily life but as an integral part of it. Many now turn to their smartphones to gather research on products and service instantly. More specifically, location-related mobile searches are “growing 50% faster than all mobile searches”.

To help marketers take advantage of the shift toward mobile, Google has redesigned AdWords.

Google has, over the last few years, shown that is more fully understanding the difference between simply taking mobile into account and actually capitalizing on an ever-increasing mobile world. Building upon the successes of the Universal App Campaign and the removal of right-hand side ads on desktop, Google is now rolling out “expanded text ads”, which are “optimized” for “the most popular smartphones”.

Instead of a one 25-character headline, ads will now feature two, more-prominent 30-character headlines. The two, 35-character description lines will be merged into one 80-character line. Finally, instead of manual entry of display URLs, the display URL will be formatted based on the final URL. Even so, marketers can customize the URL path.