Logo Design

A logo is recognizable graphic design element, often including a name, symbol or trademark, representing an organization or product. A logo can also be purely typographic. It is called a logotype or wordmark when only the letters of the name make up to the logo (there is no additional symbol). Sometimes the graphic symbol and typographic word mark are very separate. With other logo designs, there is not a clear separation of logo symbol from typography.

Logo Design

A logo is a recognizable graphic design element that often includes a name, symbol or trademark that represents an organization or product. A logo can also be purely typographic and is called a logotype when only letters make up the logo. The graphic symbol and typographic word mark can be separate or combined depending on the organization.

Logos are distinctive and unique marks that identify an organization. They are visible on all marketing materials including print, web, and physical presence including buildings and vehicles. A logo identifies a business in the simplest form through the use of a mark or icon.

The meaning behind an organization’s logo is more important than how the logo looks. Logos are not literal representations for what a business does. Instead, logos are meant for identifying a business and are the marks that are most recognizable and memorable. 565 provides quality logo design to introduce consumers to your business.

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