Ad Hoc Analysis

Our Approach to Ad Hoc Analysis

Ad hoc analysis is a business intelligence process designed to answer a single, specific business question. The product of ad hoc analysis is typically a statistical model, analytic report, or other type of data summary. The purpose of an ad hoc analysis is to fill in gaps left by the business’ static, regular reporting. Ad hoc analysis may be used to create a report that does not already exist, or drill deeper into a static report to get details about accounts, transactions, or records. The process may be also used to get more current data for the existing areas covered by a static report.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Businesses aren’t all alike and require individualized processes and reports to analyze in-house data and fill in the gaps left out by traditional, static reporting. Utilizing ad hoc analysis and creating original reports, statistical models, and other data summaries allows for companies to access additional insights from past data and update learnings about more current data.

Since every company’s goals are unique, so are its analyses for tracking successes in online marketing. Ad hoc analysis provides for a custom, tailor-fit approach to answering the important questions posed by founder and marketer alike. Understanding how all pieces of an enterprise’s marketing strategy work together is critical in developing appropriate optimization techniques that generate the most efficient results.

At 565 Media, we cater to anything you as a business owner find necessary to best understand how your marketing dollars are affecting your company’s success. Our data scientists are experts in formulating solutions and improvements that translate internal data into insightful improvement figures. Any type of insight you feel is necessary to propel your company forward, we can help make happen.

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