Offer Performance Analysis

Our Approach

Offer performance analysis is a marketing method that revolves around the analysis and optimization around various offers for customers to experience when considering purchasing a company’s product or service. Offers such as “Try your first month free!” or “Sign up now for 25% off your first order!” can be both be tested and allow the results to be analyzed in order to identify which entices customer conversion more.

Offer Performance Analysis

A common place to witness offer performance analysis in action in online marketing is in popups on a company’s home page, with A-B testing allowing for both messages to be displayed and the impact of each measured against each other. Also present in ad copy and imaging, the process of offer performance analysis allows for marketers to examine if even subtle differences in the offer’s wording or intention lead to fluctuations in LTV and immediate conversion metrics.

At 565, we can handle offer performance analysis on any level of your company’s funnel, be it the pop-up welcome message or in each individual ad’s copy. Our experienced marketing analysts specialize in recognizing key metrics that dictate which offers are driving key customer conversion goals. Together, we can work with you to develop an enticing offer that customers will love but won’t give away the farm.

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