Facebook Ads

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are ads that are shown on the popular social network. Facebook is the internet’s most used digital social platform. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the social hub houses milllions of business leads. It offers businesses a powerful advertising platform that helps generate leads, sales, and create brand awareness by strategically reaching large audiences.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the Social Media Marketing platform with by far the most inventory & scale. Controlling roughly 40% of mobile impressions, Advertisers should understand Facebook as an avenue to achieve Success Metrics & Growth in 2016. Having acquired Instagram, What’s App, Oculus & leveraging Facebook Messenger, clearly 2016 will be an interesting year on the platform & 565 Media is excited to be positioned as a premier agency partner as it relates to scaling one’s business on the platform.

Facebook Ads serve as a great first touch point, final converting click and everything else in between. Our experience and data-driven process has made us the premier buyers on the world’s largest social network. Managing accounts with $50k/month spend or $300k/month spend 565 deeply understands the in’s & out’s of the platform and how to to scale cost-effectively.

Your potential customers are on Facebook or a Facebook-owned property. This leading social media marketing platform offers highly targeted advertisements that are perfect for businesses of all sizes and verticals. We track everything, and optimize performance based on essential key metrics. By blending creativity and analytics, we can help you launch campaigns that maximize Ad spend and deliver unparalleled results.

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