Display ads are ads on websites that are targeted to site visitors. Display ads may contain text, video, image, audio, and rich media components.


Retargeting is the act of messaging consumers who have already expressed interest in a company (for instance, by visiting its website). There are several ways to retarget customers, with the most popular being cookie-based technology that uses simple a JavaScript code to track an audience through marketing funnels. Once cookied, users are now anonymously identifiable and can be served Ads, among other forms of digital communication, to drive an action such as an online purchase.

The majority of consumers do not purchase on their first visit to an eCommerce website. By re-engaging these visitors, companies can improve their digital marketing conversion rates and return on investment. In addition to website-based retargeting described above, other forms include email and search based retargeting.

Whether your company uses a 3rd party, buys direct or has never approached the medium, 565 can quickly develop a compelling, comprehensive retargeting strategy and assist your org in cranking in the ROI. Ask us about our affordable rates re retargeting services.

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