Custom Web Applications

A ‘Web Application’ is a business system or application delivered over the Web. It might be an internal expenses application used only within a company (intranet); a reseller purchasing application used with partners (extranet); or an online system available to members of the public like an eBay or a holiday cottage search site. Web applications utilize the interactive nature of websites to provide customized and interactive technologies; they deliver a more sophisticated and interactive user experience than conventional websites.

Custom Web Applications

A web application or web app is a client-server software application which the client runs in a web browser. Web applications are popular because they use the convenience of a web browser as a client to update and maintain web applications without having to distribute and install software on a computer. Common web apps include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, and instant messaging services.

Websites that are referred to as web apps are those that have similar functionality to a desktop software application or to a mobile application. HTML5 introduced explicit language support for making apps that are loaded as web pages but can store data locally which allows them to continue to function while offline.

Web apps are an inexpensive channel for businesses to communicate and exchange information with prospects and transactions with customers. 565 knows the importance of getting to know the visitors of a site and building that communication and relationship. One approach is asking visitors to subscribe to newsletters or submitting an application form when requesting information on products or services. This allows a customized browsing experience on their next visit to the site.

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