4 Website Tactics to Grow your Email List


#1: Use an Entry Pop-up Box

Perhaps the most common, and most effective, technique to capture leads is through installing a pop-up email capture that triggers upon website entry. Some find them annoying, but they are ubiquitous and they do work.

There are many different types of pop-up (see #4) triggers, such as time-based or scroll-based. Many business without custom landing pages or the resources to design unique website experiences find the entry pop-up capture the simplest to create and install. A well-crafted pop-up exchanges lead information (such as an email) for perks, such as a discount or freebie. Best practices surrounding design, firing logic and integration, along with A/B or multivariate testing, will help improve overall effectiveness.


#2: Test Your Best Offer on Your Homepage

Testing your best offer on your homepage can be an effective way to gather information upfront. For example, by presenting your most downloaded or shared content as a signup perk, you demonstrate the tremendous value of opting in a subscriber. On the other hand if you’re an eCommerce business, you can start low and then upsell on additional products or services. By treating this best offer as a marketing touch point, you can establish immediate and direct communication with interested leads.

Blog_032316_03aBlog_032316_03b#3: Showcase Opt-in Perks on Blog Posts

If your blog is frequently updated and contains compelling information to potential consumers, consider featuring content upgrades in exchange for lead details. For instance, if you’re a fashion brand discussing five seasonal trends, include reference to two bonus trends to those who choose to opt-in to your email list.

An optimal way to do this is to place a link to your additional content with a call to action in your article, and surround it with an eye-catching button. When a visitor clicks the link, the pop-up box appears, which prompts the user for an email address to access to the bonus content. After the user completes the form, they are redirected to the bonus content.

Too much work? Simple execution can just call out related content that you have recently provided your subscriber list as a reason to opt-in now. Always be closing posts with specific callouts, either to take action on your website or become a subscriber (or both!).


#4: Try an Exit Pop-up

Contrary to common belief that most people hate pop-ups, studies demonstrate that pop-ups are highly effective for collecting user information (such as an email address), especially when they are well crafted and have prominent and appealing messaging. For those concerned about interrupting the user experience with an entry or time-based pop-up, consider utilizing an exit pop-up.

This tactic is only triggered when users show intent to leave the page. With the exit pop-up, there is no risk of accosting readers by offering them something pre-mature or prior to digesting the webpage. On average, 70% of users who leave a website never return, so go for gold and try to capture a lead at this critical stage.