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Advanced Marketing Data Analysis

Advanced Marketing Data Analysis

As professional data scientists, our marketing data analysis team at 565 Media offers a range of performance analyses. We’ll gather and scour the performance data for your business to provide actionable insights and opportunities for improving your business. For clients, we’ve crunched data, optimized marketing campaigns, and maximized ROI.

Whether a part of customer acquisition services or marketing campaign performance analysis, our data analytics team is here to provide a keen eye. Catch problems before they arise with advanced modeling.

Experienced Data Analysis Services

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis describes the process of collecting, inspecting, and organizing batches of data in order to discover useful information, inform conclusions and support decision-making. In marketing, data analytics Customer acquisition, simply put, means to gain new customers. Any business strategy or marketing campaign typically aims to convert browsers into buyers, and one-time buyers into repeat customers. Customer acquisition is typically measured by the Cost-Per-Acquisition, or CPA, as the key performance indicator for any online marketing endeavour.
There are many paid and unpaid strategies in acquiring new customers. Examples of paid customer acquisition strategies include:
  • Pay-per-click advertising on the Google Ads platform, which includes search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads, and more.
  • Search engine advertising on other platforms such as Bing Ads and Amazon Ads.
  • Social media marketing through Facebook Ads, which includes video and image ads, contact leads, and dynamic product ads.
  • Social media marketing on other platforms such as Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads.
  • Why 565 Media?

    The most effective customer acquisition seeks to maximize a marketing budget’s ROI, and utilizes any marketing platforms and strategies in the pursuit of generating new sales leads and converting new visitors into returning customers.

    As data-driven analysts, the team at 565 Media pride ourselves on our advanced customer acquisition strategies and consistently positive return-on-investment for our clients. Our work on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Bing has been recognized and accredited among the highest achievers on the platform. Combined with our creative services, our customer acquisition team can develop and execute a marketing strategy that focuses on your business goals, generates new sales leads, and provides a positive ROI for your business.

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    The Blk Tux

    By helping the tux rental startup successfully prove their new business model, 565 Media’s online sales results enabled The Black Tux to quickly raise additional rounds of funding critical to continued growth.

    Crap Eyewear

    Through 565 Media’s data-driven insights, effective new customer acquisition systems, and continual conversion optimization tactics, Crap Eyewear experienced:

    Lucky Dog

    Across a three-year engagement, 565 Media delivered increasing sales and improvement measurement leading to:

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    The customer acquisition specialists at 565 Media have years of experience and expertise in designing, implementing and optimizing marketing campaigns that convert. We are certified partners with Google, Bing, Amazon and more, with a proven industry track record of growing successful businesses. Start up a new stream of lead generation today with a powerful customer acquisition strategy, designed with your business goals in mind. 565 Media is one of L.A.’s top performance marketing agencies. We excel at per-per-click and social media advertising that generates high-quality leads with incredible ROI.

    We offer:

    • Keyword research
    • Precise audience targeting
    • Phone call and conversion tracking
    • E-commerce
    • A/B split testing
    • Sales funnel optimization
    • Performance monitoring
    • Ongoing campaign optimization

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    If you’re looking to effectively and efficiently boost ROI with your marketing budget, 565 Media is your top choice for customer acquisition marketing. Simply connect with our on-demand team of data analysts and design creatives and start with a list of what problems you need solved. Our team specializes in developing customized, scaled marketing campaigns geared towards generating profitable leads and growing your business.